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General Sealants
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Sher-Fab Unlimited, Inc.
Aircraft Windshield Company
Bridge Foundation
Hacienda Heights Kiwanis
Hacienda-La Puente USD Board members
K & W Engineering
Starnet Listing Broker, Inc.

We would also like to give our sincere thanks to individual contributors.
Without them, the LAAE program would not have been a success for all these years.
Biang, Ron LA Puente Ready Mix
Boyle, Brad General Sealants, INC.
Chen, Rae-Shae Los Altos High School
Chen, Robin Vivid Internet Production
Chong, Suk P and Eunju  
Chow, Tim SyncGear Incorporated
Dean, Ray Los Altos High School (retired)
Edward, Gary Stud Welding Systems, Inc.
Ganger, James R. Los Altos High School
Higgins, Patty Los Altos High School
Hoang, Tram Los Altos High School
Huddle, T. Los Altos High School (retired)
Jackson, Marcella La Puente Valley ROP
Johnson, Sandra R. Board Member HLPUSD
Juarez, Oscar AC Propulsion (alumni)
Kang, Steve Boeing (alumni)
Ketchem, Ron AQMD
King, Mary Ann La Puente Valley ROP
Knabe, Don Administration
Knipe, Thomas Edison Electric Transportation
Koch, Ken KTA Services, Inc.
Kodama, Mitch Former Engineer
Kodama, Nikki Northrop Grumman
Kraft, Richard Los Altos High School (retired)
Kramer, John Former Superintendent HLPUSD
La Brada Family  
Lee, Steven and Grace
Lira, Victoria A.  
Liu, May  
Liu, Wei-Hwa and May-Lin  
Loh, Juo-py  
Lu, James G.E. (alumni)
Marshall, Laurie Haddick’s
McCarroll, David and Judith  
McCarroll, Michael HP Pavilion Sharks Hockey Team
McIntosh, Pat Bridge Foundation
McIntosh, Patricia  
Merchant, Mike Kaiser Permanente
Metchkoff, Jim  
Miller, Patricia LA Puente Valley ROP
Mota, Kathy Toyota Motor Sales
MTM Construction, Inc.  
Ong Family  
Oyster, Laura Los Altos High School
Pearson, Debbie California Steel and Tube
Price, Judy Los Altos High School
Rutherford, Dave City of Industry Lion’s Club
Melvyn Sarthou La Puente Valley ROP (retired)
Shelton, Dr. and Mrs. Cal Poly Pomona
Shin, Mr.
Shin, Woon  
Shumaker, Karen Los Altos High School
Simmons, Dickie Los Angeles Deputy
Sports Dimension  
Valencia, Manuel C.  
Watson, Jim Los Altos High School (retired)
White, Don and Betty Former Principal of LAHS
Wong, Wai K.  
Sam Yu  
Yzquierdo, Shaun M. Toyota
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