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ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicles) CHALLENGE

The ZEV Challenge provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their projects in a competitive environment. The students are to build their own vehicles which emit innocuous wastes into the atmosphere. ZEV offers an excellent method of educating students about the role of alternative vehicles as a pollution control strategy by allowing them to design, build, and compete with electric and solar vehicles.

With the $63,000 received from AQMD, Los Altos Academy of Engineering is proud to host this year’s ZEV challenge. ISAAQ will distribute the funding to at least fifteen different high schools. First year contenders will receive a funding of $1,500 each to allow the purchase of major equipment. Second year participating schools will receive $500 each for refinements to the vehicles. With at least fifteen schools competing this year, we hope for a great turn out and a successful race.

Below are some images of our past participation in the ZEV Challenge. Please click a thumbnail below to view in its full size.


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