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Speed Racer

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Designed and Constructed: 1992-1993
First Race: Solar Electric 500 at Phoenix International Raceway, March 1993

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Length: 71 inches
Width: 18 inches
Height: 34 inches
Wheelbase: 65 inches

220 lb. (with battery)
with driver: 395 lb.

Size of tubing: ¾ and 1 inches .065 walls
Type of tube: Mild steel


Double A-Arm

Steering type

Go-cart type


Motor type: Permag 4-pole brush type
Rated speed: 3000 RPM
Rated voltage: 24 vdc
Cont. power: 1.0 hp
Cont. current: 41 amps
Peak power: 3.5 hp
Peak current: 175 amps
Weight: 15 lbs

Speed control

Controller type: Curtis PMC model 1204-102
Input voltage: 24-36 volts
Current limit: 275 amps
1 hour rating: 75 amps


Battery type: Trojan Pacer 22 NF lead acid
Cell voltage: 2 volts
Number of cells per battery: 6
Number batteries in system: 2

Wheels and Drive Train
Diameter of front wheel: 20 inches

Electric Components
Curtis 900R Battery Gauge
Dual Volt/Amp Meter
Diameter rear wheel: 20"
Drive train type: #219 chain
Gear ratio: 6 to 1


Brakes type: Drum (tandem bicycle)
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