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Solar Shadow II

Solar Shadow II Image

Designed and Constructed: 2001
Competed in: American Solar Challenge, 2001: 22nd place

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Overall Dimensions
Length: 182 in.
Width: 72 in.
Height: 42 in.
Weight: 470 pounds + 323 pounds of battery
Weight with driver: 970 pounds

Solar Array
Dimensions: 26 sq. ft.
Output: 1100 W at prek, 700W-900W (average)

754 ASE, EFG crystalline terrestrial grade silicon solar cells
Efficiency: 14%


7 Panasonic EC-EV 1260U, Each 12 V nominal, 60 Ahr estimated 720 Whr
Weight: 46.2 lb per battery

New Generation Corp. SC-M150-08 Wheel motor

Body Material: dual-layer nomex honeycomb, carbon fiber, and fiberglass
Array Materials: foam core with fiberglass

Material: ¾” x .049, x .083, and ½” x .049 mild steel tubing

2.22-14 100 psi Bridgestone Ecopia EP 80 tires


Average speed: 35-45 mph
Top speed: 60 mph
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