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Light Speed II

Light Speed II Image

Designed and Constructed: 2000
Competed in: ZEV Challenge

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Height: 22 in.
Width: 36 in.
Length: 116 in.
Weight: 330 lbs

Chassis: Dual Layer Nomex Honeycomb Core Material
- Carbon Fiber: Stiff Support
- Kevlar: Outer Skin / Insulation

Mono Shock Setup -
Work Performance Shocks
- Front: Modified Dual A-Arm
- Rear: Swing Arm: Dual Wheel
Array Substructure
- Fiberglass
- Carbon Fiber

Primary and Secondary Hydraulic Disk Brakes

Solectra DC Brush Type Permanent Magnet Motor
- 85% Efficiency
- Rated Power: 3hp
- Maximum Power: 12hp

Speed Control
Average speed: 25-30 mph
Top speed: 40 mph

8 GNB EV-500 lead-acid 12 Volt
3.4 Wh discharge at 5hrs
34.5 per battery

20 inch ACS brand BMX Tires at 100 psi

Average efficiency is 14.25% of sunlight converted to energy
- 14.5% efficient polycrystalline solar cells
- 14% efficient monocrystalline solar cells
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