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The 2004-2005 Solar Boat Team consists mainly of Los Altos sophomores and juniors, who met after school and Saturday meetings to finish the boat. The team is student run and student leaders make most team decisions. To facilitate progress, the team is divided into various groups: mechanical, electrical, and public relations. Groups are given deadlines to finish different parts of the boats on schedule.


Competition: The Solar Cup was sponsored by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to raise awareness for water conservation. The 2005 competition took place from May 13-15 at Lake Skinner in Riverside County. On the first day, boats were inspected to make sure they comply with safety standards and competition parameters. On the second day, the sprint races were held in order to test the boats' speed and acceleration. On the third day, the boats were tested for their range by competing in two separate Endurance races. Points were also awarded for technical reports submitted during the boat building and visual displays exploring the importance of water conservation.


Results: The LAAE solar boat team finished in the top ten teams, and managed to conquer sixth place overall. The 2005 Solar Cup Race was a much more grueling competition compared to the previous years since there were a total of thirty-three other high schools competing in the race.

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