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Solar Bikes

Archived, from 1999:

Los Altos' Solar Bikes finished first and sixth in their division in this year's Solar BikeRayce! Both bicycles ran beautifully for the first half of the race. In the second half, the riders cranked out without motor assistance to finish a beautiful race.

The Los Altos Solar Bike is a project that was started last year by a group of students in the Engineering Academy who wanted to do something new. The bike is sort of an extension of LASV, primarily for younger students. Last year's team was made up of mostly sophomores. They were able to assemble a solar bike and complete the 1999 Solar BikeRayce USA.

Ken Otsubo took over the solar bike project after advisor Jeff Lamb left Los Altos. The team is made up of students from last year and students new to the project this year. The team has expanded on what they had last year and now has two bicycles that will be competing in this year's race.
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