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PULSE running in the 2013 Emerald Coast Electrathon

Teardrop Shape: PULSE was orignially planned to be in the shape of a teardrop. This shape was chosen because of its ability to be very aerodynamic. Time ran short though and the body was never finished.

Telemetry: The vehicle is planned to have telemetry so that information can be transmitted between the driver and the people in the dugout without having to divert the driver's attention away from her own safety.

36 Volt System: The students wanted to be able to get the maximum amount of volts out of their batteries while staying under the maximum weight limit for the batteries.

PULSE has since been retired due to the multiple flaws it had.


The following is the PULSE report that the students of 2011-2012 worked on. This document explains the students' thought process and why the students did what they did. PULSE REPORT 2011-2012

This file is the report the students of 2012-2013 worked on. It records what and how they accomplished what they did. PULSE REPORT 2012-2013

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