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MUC is a competition in which the students need to make a robot that can run a course through a "city". The city is constructed out of foam boards and LEGOs. The robot will encounter colors along the track. These colors symbolize traffic lights or signs that the robot must follow. There are four colors along the track that the robot may meet. White symbolizes standard and nothing special should be done. Yellow symbolizes slow zones where the robot needs to be able to move slower than a certain speed. Red means that the robot must stop moving for four seconds then continue along its path. Blue symbolizes parking, where the robot will need to "park" inside of certain slots that are assigned to the robot.



The team is planning to come back next year better than ever in their attempt to attend the National Competition at Washington DC, in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. The team wants to be able to qualify for nationals.

Past competitions:

2013-2014: At this regional competition we learned sometimes we can test something as much as possible and things will still go wrong. Although, we could not find success like we had in previous years, we wanted to challenge ourselves and see what we are truly capable of. Thus, we tried new things, things that the judges had never witnessed before. One mechanism that we integrated in our robot was the linear slide that allowed us to extend our sensor's maximum reach. This enabled us to detect as much as possible, whether it be used for parking, turns, or regular parking, the extended reach allowed us to try things we never thought were possible. Even though, we did not come out successful this year, we hope that next year we will take the same basic concept of trying to innovate new things and come out on top.

2012-2013: During this regional competition, the team was extremely successful. They had once again reached nationals, however they used a different robot this time. The team went with "Tanky" a robot that operates with a tank tread system. The robot had a very unique design as opposed to other robots. This ultimately led to the team getting a design award. However, looks were not all that led to the success of the robot. The robot operated magnificently as it parked five out of six total parking spots.

2011-2012: First year they participated in the competition. They decided for ACD (our robot that year) to run with a front wheel drive and for ACD to have a color sensor on the left and right side of it. ACD used a differential gear that would allow for it to turn even i-e of its wheels are not touching the solid ground. ACD placed second overall in the regional competition, and they were able to receive the best presentation award. They went to the national competition and also participated in that competition.
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