Los Altos Academy of Engineering


Team 1:
Juniors - Michael Attasnasio, Eric Liu, Andrew Rojas

Team 2:
Seniors - Calvin Hsieh, Jacky Zhang
Sophmores - Jason Kwan, Isaiah Sotelo

The teams had to develop a powerpoint to present the robot to the judges. The following is the powerpoint they presented

Team 1 MUC Powerpoint

Team 2 MUC Powerpoint


In this competition, we competed using the brand new EV3 brains. As a result, our teams adapted the new coding syntax. We also face many technical difficulties inherent in a new program and learned new rules for the revised rulebook. However, during our competition our rookie team was able to fix the problems and scored the most points during the first round. At the end of the competition, our veteran team were able to solve their technical problems as well and won third place.

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