Los Altos Academy of Engineering

Team 1:
Seniors- Marcos Avila, Kimberly Hsu, Jerry Wang, Alisa Smanpongse
Juniors- Michael Chang
Sophomores- Eric Liu

Team 2:
Seniors: Kevin Morales
Sophomore: Michael Attanasio, Andrew Rojas, Dominic Gonzalez
Freshmen- Jason Kwan

The teams had to develop a powerpoint to present the robot to the judges. The following is the powerpoint they presented

Team 1 MUC Powerpoint

Team 2 MUC Powerpoint


The competition did not turn out the way we had hoped. In previous years we had advance to nationals, however this year we decided to experiment more and it contributed to us not reaching our goal. However, this was an extremely good life lesson as we learned to try new things as well as learning to confront failure head on and overcoming it.

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