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Infusion: Process
Page 1: Power Calculations And Designing Infusion

Power Calculation

The power formula is used to determine the amount of power needed for Infusion Jk03 to drive at 40-Miles per Hour for 1 hour. The weight of the Fuel Cell Vehicle is an estimation of the car and driver. Our coefficient of rolling resistance is based off Bridgestone’s Ecopia Tires. With AutoCAD drawings, we estimated the coefficient of drag from past vehicles built. Infusion’s frontal area was calculated by printing the vehicle’s front sections in life size. After, we measured it by sections with triangles and rectangles to get a rough estimate. The other variables are constants and numbers we have derived simply by converting its units.



P = [W * Crr + ½ * p * v^2 *Cd *A] * v
P = Ft-lbs

W = Weight, Crr = Coefficient of Rolling Resistance, v = Velocity,
Cd = Coefficient of Drag, A = Front Area

W = 300 lbs.
Crr = 0.007
p = 0.00238
v = 40 MPH
Cd = 0.21
A = 698.4375 in^2

V = (40 mi. / hour) x (5280 ft./1 mi.) x (1 hour/60 min) x (1 min/60 sec) = 58.67 ft/sec
A = 698.4375 in^2 x 0.00694 = 4.85 ft^2

P = 367.97 Ft-lbs
P = P / 550 = 0.67 HP
P = P * 746 = 499.1 Watts


Ultra Light Fuel Cell Vehicle

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