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- Shell Eco-marathon, retirement of Infusion
- Shell Eco-marathon participation, April 15-18, 2009
- Infusion runs again on March 14.
- Shell Eco-marathon participation, April 11-13, 2008
- Shell returns Infusion, suffers damage.
Infusion + Sponsors
Infusion Body
Infusion Mechanics
Infusion September 2006
Infusion Front Suspension
See the photo gallery for more Infusion images.


Shell Eco-marathon, retirement of Infusion April 25, 2009
Please view the photo gallery for images on Infusion's participation. With the hard work from all of our students, we were able to showcase our well known hydrogen fuel cell vehicle--Infusion. With regret, however, we are now retiring Infusion after 6 years of fine tuning and we are shifting our attention from Infusion to HICE, our hydrogen internal combustion engine.

Shell Eco-marathon Participation 2009 April 12, 2009
Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2009 BannerInfusion will be showcased at the Shell Eco-marathon Americas, occurring on April 15-18, 2009. Please visit the Shell Eco-marathon version of LASV.ORG for live updates throughout the event.

LAAE Shell

Shell Eco-marathon 2nd Participation April 7, 2008
Shell Eco-marathonAfter extensive repairs and modifications, Infusion is participating in this years Shell Eco-marathon Americas competition. The event will take place at California Speedway, April 11-13th. LAAE will be traveling to the race on Wednesday, April 9th.   For more information, please view the Shell Eco-Marathon website: http://www.shell.com/us/ecomarathon.

Shell Returns Infusion, Suffers Damage June 5, 2007
Please view the photo gallery for images on the damages. We believe that the damage done to Infusion was due to mishandling by loaders who had assisted in transporting the vehicle to and from Shell. More information on this will be added as it becomes available.

Shell Eco-Marathon Results April 14, 2007
Shell Eco-marathon 2007The LAAE Infusion team competed in the first ever Shell Eco-marathon Americas, taking first place in the Hydrogen division. More information is available below in the press release.

Infusion Shell Eco-marathon Press Release (PDF)

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Infusion Run (2/24/2007) March 1, 2007
Some new Infusion pictures have been posted! The new pictures were all taken during the test run conducted on Saturday, February 24th. To see these pictures, please see the Infusion photo gallery.

Shell Eco-marathon Participation February 17, 2007
We've been accepted as a participant in the Shell Eco-marathon! The competition is expected to take place on April 12-15, 2007. LAAE is one of only two teams that will be participating in the competition with a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. For more information, please visit the Shell Eco-marathon website at http://www.shell.com/us/ecomarathon.

Shell Eco-marathon 2007

The New Infusion Subsite January 7, 2007
The Infusion section now has been completely redone! This new site has been created to feature the 2006-2007 school year. This page is still being edited everyday, and we apologize for any issues that may occur.

Thank You,
Los Altos Academy of Engineering Assistant Webmaster

Future of Infusion Site October 23, 2006
This Infusion sub site will be undergoing a few changes over the new few weeks. As of right now, many of the sections that still have 2004 and 2005 class content will be removed or archived because the 2006-2007 updated content information is now on the LASV.ORG main site. The images will still be on this site, as well as the process, so don't worry. As of right now, some of the images are broken, and they will be fixed in due time. My primary concern is to work on getting the new LASV.ORG complete first, and then start adding more content to this site, perhaps remodel it a little bit.

Thanks for your patience,
Los Altos Academy of Engineering Lead Webmaster

Infusion Runs!!! September 9, 2006
Infusion, LAAE's first Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle, has started up! See the photo gallery for pictures taken during the run.

British Petroleum Visits LAAE February 2, 2005
At 11:00 AM, two representatives of British Petroleum dropped by to see how the Infusion project was coming along. Gratitude and thanks are given for their $10,000 donation.
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