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Human Powered Airplane: Prospectus

Human Powered Plane Hangar

Project Name: Grasshopper

History: The LAHPA project was started in 1997 by a group of ambitious high school students. In the summer of 1998, the team nearly completed the construction of the plane at the San Bernardino Airport. While attempting a pull test of the plane, one of the wing sections broke, preventing the flight of the plane. In 1998-99, the plane was redesigned and reconstructed.

Team: Matthew Casalicchio, Tony Chang, Joyce Chen, Theresa Chen, Danny Fredrickson, Jeffery Hsiung, Charles Kim, Frank Kuo, Jesse Lee, Jenny Liu, Keith Miyake, Todd Sadamoto, Edward Song, David Tsai, Lawrence Tsai

All of the team members contribute to the project in ways such as computer drawings, research and design, public relations, and construction.

Description: A Human Powered Airplane is a lightweight aircraft constructed of foam, aluminum, fiberglass and carbon fiber, and Mylar. The estimated weight of the Grasshopper is 100 lbs.

Research: The book The Gossamer Odyssey by Morton Grosser has been an essential tool in researching HPAs. Several experts on HPAs have dedicated their time to assist us, including Paul Illian and Dr. Paul MacCready.

1. Finish construction of the Airplane by April '00.
2. Fly the airplane 100 yards at an elevation of six feet.
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