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Human Powered Airplane: Activity Log

04/23/2000 - Lots of progress since the last update! We never got insurance so we had to scrap our plans for March Air force Base. However, we are attempting to fly the plane over our spring break (which began today) anyway. We started assembling the plane in the gym again today so that we can see how long it takes to put it together and take it apart. Our plans are to camp out at school one night over break and wake up before dawn, assemble the plane, and go for broke and try to fly the plane! Stay tuned!

02/25/2000 - We may have found someone to insure the plane! We received a phone call from someone who may have the right connections to get us the insurance we need to fly the plane.

02/16/2000 - We finally decided to redesign the HPA website, as it has been stagnant for the past year. Hopefully, all the enthusiasm brought about by our recent advances in the project will keep the updates coming. Check back often to chart our progress!

02/12/2000 - This weekend, HPA took the components of the plane to our school's gym and assembled nearly the entire thing. We had the entire airframe, the drive system, all six wing sections (without Mylar), the gravity cables, and the stabilizers assembled. Amazingly, the night before it was assembled, we had barely started making the stabilizers, yet they were nearly complete by the time we put it up. This accomplishment has brought new life and renewed enthusiasm in the HPA project, and hopefully the momentum will continue until we fly the plane over spring break.
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