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First Tech Challenge is a competition dedicated to students with a passion in the fields of science and technology. FTC is a competition split into three portions. The first portion, the autonomous, provides student with the challenge of programming the robot to perform set tasks that the team desires. Next, the tele-op period allows students to drive the robot via a controller. Finally, the end game is where new scoring options open up for teams. There are countless strategies and options for young minds to test their capabilities and expand their knowledge. In addition, the game is changed every year so the possibilities are endless.

Past Competitions:

2013-2014 (Block Party!): The team placed 6th out of 22 places. The team then went on to win the competition with their alliance team.



2012-2013 (Ring it Up!): The team placed 13th out of 14 places.

2011-2012 (Bowled Over!): The team placed 11th out of 14 places.


The Robotics team started off as novices to the First Tech Challenge. Over the course of three years, the team has gained invaluable knowledge that will be extremely beneficial for them in the industry. By working in a team, each member is able to overcome any difficulty that they faced. The team has transformed from a bottom seeded team to a winning team that has extensive knowledge in design and programming.


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