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First Tech Challenge 2014-2015

Overview: This year we had enough members to have two teams compete for First Tech Challenge. Both teams decided to compete twice in two FTC competitions to increase the chances of both teams qualifying.

Goals: We wanted both teams to qualify for LA Championships.

Plan: Both teams are going to build robots that performed a specific function that would allow the team to score points consistently.

Results: In the first competition, the veteran team placed 3rd, while the new team placed 2nd. Even though our teams were not able to do the primary objective well, we were able to do other objectives to get to the top 5 our of 24 teams. After this competition, we applied our experience and started to improve what our robots did best to do the better at the next competition. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the veteran team had to rebuild a new robot because a lot of their extremely crucial robot parts were broken. In the second competition, the veteran team was able to place 13th with the new robot, and the new team placed 3rd.

Robot specs:

Veteran Team
Frontal View
Wiring and Backside
Right Side of Robot
Left Side of Robot
Pinion Rack Mechanism
Rookie Team
2 Back Wheel Drive
Pinion Slide Elevator
Accessible NXT Compartment
Pexli-glass Container and Servo-powered Collector
Carousel Slider

Aside from competing in the competition, students had to record their process in making their robot by documenting it in a notebook. The following is the notebook they had to make along with the robot.

Engineering Notebook

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