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Build Your Dream Vehicle: 2005-2006

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BYDV Team wins first in Nationals.


Competition Sponsors: DaimlerChrysler & Candor Marketing

“The Build Your Dream Vehicle program exposes high school students to career opportunities in the automotive industry and provides opportunities for them to enhance their professional skills. Students are challenged to create, design, and present a futuristic, environmentally friendly concept vehicle—complete with a three-dimensional model and/or drawings.”
DaimlerChrysler Corporation

May 21-23, 2006


Who: [participants come from high schools all over the nation, approx. 250 schools]


Presenters @ Pontiac & Department
Giselle Obregón [Team Process]
Kari Wong [Ergonomics, Safety, Environment]
David Tseng [Engineering, Design]
Helena Xu [Marketing]
Christopher Liu [Finance]


Team Members
Ann Chong
Chris Chang
Desiree Magat
Evan Kwan
Eric Huang


Robert Franz
Ed Richter
Lorraine Griego
Mitch Kodama


Team Location: Hacienda Heights, CA
Competition Location:
Pontiac, Michigan


National Champions - 2 years in a row
1st Place: US $6,000.00
WOW Design: US $1,000.00

Total Award Money: US $7,000.00


At the Los Altos Academy of Engineering, students have single-handedly built their own dream vehicle, the Di400. Under the title of Dynamic Innovations, high school students collaborated to create a car to submit to the annual Build Your Dream Vehicle competition. The Dynamic Innovations team, composed of Giselle Obregon, Chris Liu, Helena Xu, Kari Wong, David Tseng, Chris Chang, Ann Chong, Desiree Magat, Evan Kwan, and Eric Huang have banded together to form departments that cover design, marketing, environment, safety, ergonomics, finance, team process, and engineering.


For this competition, these young adults simulate every aspect involved in the debut of a concept vehicle new car. The case study for the 2006 competition was to create an environmentally friendly vehicle that is fuel-efficient, has to average no lower than 50 mpg, no heavier than 3,000 pounds, and be at least 50% recyclable. Targeting the problem of mileage and fuel efficiency, the Dynamic Innovations team has decided to release a hybrid diesel vehicle that will achieve approximately 59.17 mpg. Additionally, the team planned to release a high performance car that will have an astounding 0-60 mph time of 5.8 seconds, yet maintaining a the comfort of luxury and security by incorporating innovative engineering concepts. With the report and video, the team entered a winning model of the vehicle and posters representing the aerodynamic features of the vehicle, color schemes, and ergonomics features.


Dynamic Innovations marketed the Di400 to baby boomers between the ages of 45-60 years old. With this, the team constructed advertisement strategies, engineering methods, detailed price breakdowns, and all other aspects of creating a vehicle as a real-life car company. The Di400 is set to debut in 2010 with the guiding slogan “dream it, desire it, you deserve it.”


The first requirement of the competition was to create a report consisting of each department’s goals and designs of the vehicle, and then the 20 teams that advanced from the 250 schools that participated in the initial report stage entered a 30 minute video. Of the 20 teams that advanced, 8 teams were chosen to present a 25 minute presentation to a panel of judges consisting of engineers from GM, Chrysler, Nissan, and a marketing executive from Candor Marketing. Presenters Giselle Obregon, Helena Xu, Kari Wong, Chris Liu, and David Tseng, all seniors at Los Altos High School, represented their school and engineering academy in Pontiac, Michigan on May 21-23. These five students worked at their High School’s Engineering Program and after school to create their final product, the Di400. Dynamic Innovations from Los Altos High School was the only team from California to advance to the Finals Competition, representing the West Coast region.


Dynamic Innovations placed 1st at the National competition [$6,000] and received the WOW Award for Best Design [$1,000]. This is the second time Los Altos has placed 1st nationally in their ten year involvement with the first time being last year. Dynamic Innovations is proud to announce that they are back to back National Champions. The “Build Your Dream Vehicle” Competition was first introduced in 1994 when Daimler-Chrysler wanted to give high-school students an opportunity to experience and benefit from the real-world lessons in the fields of engineering, business, and marketing. This competition has opened the eyes of students to possible career paths and exposed promising young designers and engineers to the automotive industry.

“The program’s integrated curriculum helps students polish work skills such as the application of science, technology and design; time management; creativity; teamwork; oral presentations; and development of marketing strategies and financial statements. The program also teaches students that even the best idea requires collaboration and an effective business plan in order to compete in today’s marketplace.”
DaimlerChrysler Corporation

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