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In October 2004, Mr. Robert Franz, the LAAE advisor, assigned Giselle Obregon to the task of forming one team that she believed could meet the challenge of the new BYDV assignment to create a car that was “so hot it could make your eyes sweat.” Having one team would mean that it would be a greater concentration of truly talented students. Last year, there were three teams, dispersing the talent and ability, and not one made it to the national finals competition. Finally, a coalition of two seniors, Michael Sanora and Leonardo Micolta; five juniors, Richard Westbrook, Helena Xu, Kari Wong, Chris Liu, and Giselle Obregon; and two sophomores, Ann Chong and Desiree Magat, was formed to be Dynamic Innovations 2004-05.


The first task in the competition was to submit a report containing the main components of the competition- model pictures, Finance, Engineering, Ergonomics and Safety, and Marketing. Out of 320 entries nation wide, Dynamic Innovation was one of the 20 teams that advanced to the semi-finals where each team was required to submit a video with the overall presentation of the car with presenters. Out of the 20 semi-finals team, Dynamic Innovations was one of the 8 teams that advanced to the finals competition in Detroit, Michigan. Leo Micolta, Giselle Obregon, Kari Wong, Chris Liu, and Helena Xu were among the five students that went to Detroit in May along with Assistant Principal Tami Pearson and Drama Department Mr. Fox. Before the national finals, the team practiced and worked together to rehearse the speech, compose the brochure, and finish the model.


The team arrived on May 24th in Detroit where they again prepared for the next day where they would finally be able to present the final completion of the project they had worked all year on. On the last day of the competition, the judges announced the winners of the competition. Out of the 8 final national teams and 320 entries, Dynamic Innovations won 1st place with the grand prize of $6,000.00. The team could not have been so successful if it was not for the support of the parents and benefactors of LAAE. Thanks to Mitch and Nikki Kodama for their generous competition and help with the presentation.


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