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Dear Alumni and Friends,

                As the Public Relations Team, it is our goal and responsibility to build and develop the Los Altos Academy of Engineering's name.
The Los Altos Academy of Engineering is still a recognized leader in career and technical education (CTE) in the state of California.

For a program considered "nontraditional" at a public high school setting, the traditional value of community support of our students is greatly needed.

The LAAE has been founded in 1989 and since then we have graduated over 1000 students, raced across Australia, built a fuel cell vehicle, raised a ton of money, and most importantly, given students a once in a lifetime opportunity to hands on education. In addition, many of our students have went on to prestigious universities, large corporations, and establish a name for themselves in the engineering industry.

We welcome your thoughts and opinions as we continue to show support of a program that has given us endless memories and experiences many of your fellow peers were unable to appreciate and experience. Support from our alumni is crucial to the ongoing pursuit of our mission. Any contribution you or your corporation can make, whether it be in-kind or cash donation, can help provide students in the future with the same opportunity you were able to experience. Please show your support by joining the Los Altos Academy of Engineering Alumni Network and stay in touch with us today!

We invite you to visit our facilities and see the changes that have happened since you left. If you have not yet visited our facilities, we invite you to call and schedule a tour. You can reach us at (626) 330-1096 or e-mailing us at pr@lasv.org. The Los Altos Academy of Engineering appreciates your continued support as we build a cleaner, more fuel efficient tomorrow.


The LAAE Public Relations Team

To LAAE/LASV alumni: If you wish to add a reflection and/or pictures about your experiences as a former student in the Los Altos Academy of Engineering, please feel free to contact us.

The alumni section is dedicated to former LAAE students that have contributed a great deal of time and effort towards the program's success. It is divided into two areas.
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