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Ed Richter
Mr. Ed Richter came into the program as mentor of the Botball team and has helped them to championships numerous times. Now Richter oversees the LAAE program. Aside from being the mentor of the Botball team. Richter has also taught introduction to robotics and advanced computer science. In the past, Richter was involved with the academy's DARPA project for 7 years and has always been a great help. After the retirement of Mr. Robert Franz, Richter has become the leading figure of LAAE.

Richter obtained his Bachelor's Degree from American University. He began his career in advertising and public relations. The agency where he worked specialized in extreme sports. Richter became very familiar with Vans and G-Shock as a result of working there. Such accomplishments were the prelude to Richter's leadership role in LAAE.

When Richter left the field of public relations, he decided to go into teaching. He attended Cal State Los Angeles and obtained his special education and industrial technologies teaching credentials. In the fall of 2002, he became a teacher at Los Altos High School, teaching special education until 2004. Richter then taught computer science and robotics. With that, he took over the Los Altos Academy of Engineering and has continued the legacy passed down by Bob Franz.

Contact e-mail: erichter@hlpusd.k12.ca.us
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