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Advisory Committee: 2012

The Manufacturing Technology - Annual Advisory Committee Meeting took place on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 in the Los Altos Academy of Engineering. If you would like to view the minutes from the meeting, click here.

Members of the committee:
Ed Richter Instructor
Richard Cheng Engineer for Millennium Space
Derek Mayeda Mechanical Engineer for Stir Works
James Watson SVP for Bank of America
Victor Gomez Director of Instructional Services for R.O.P.
Cliff Eng Retired Assistant Director of IT for LA DWP
Nikki Kodama Manager Systems Engineering and Integration for Northrop Grumman
Jaime Estrada Transportation Engineer for CalTrans
Scott Loh Mechanical Engineer for SpaceX

Questions from the Members regarding Safety

Ms. Kodama: What safety lessons do we give?

Mr. Richter: "We give safety lessons every Monday and the equipment itself is taught by the students who are experienced in each field. This is a student ran organization and we take safety very seriously. We try our best to keep each other in check and try and pass on knowledge retention with an emphasis on safety."

Ms. Kodama: Does the district send any organizations to give lessons on safety?

Mr. Richter: "Currently we do not, but we can look into it. Risk management from the district came through four years ago, however we have not had an outside safety organization come in."

Mr. Richter: What mechanism or method should we use to keep the safety knowledge inside engineering?

Mr. Eng: "Try and have team leaders pass on the knowledge. Should have a walkthrough of the area to make sure everyone knows their environment. Teams should also point out and look for potential hazards especially exposing these areas to underclassmen is crucial so people are up to speed. Keep bringing it up in order to ingrain safety. Documentation of previous experiences (is important) so there is a set procedure for each mechanism. Set the culture so it passes on. Look into having someone responsible for safety in each team."

Ms. Kodama: One person that enforces safety. Make these people responsible for enforcing safety and make sure kids don't forget the safety meeting each week."

Mr. Estrada: "Have periodic safety tours by team leaders and underclassmen where we openly look for potential hazards."

    Mr. Eng: Is there any analysis on post injury? Such as why the injury occurred, and to make sure it doesn't happen again?

Mr. Richter:
"Currently we just discuss what happened in the injury and try and address the situation for students in the future. We are open to any ideas to handling post-injury situations."

Ms. Kodama:
"Can write a report on injury history to make sure it does not happen. Documentation is a key."

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