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Advisory Committee: 2012

The Manufacturing Technology - Annual Advisory Committee Meeting took place on Tuesday, March 10, 2016 in the Los Altos Academy of Engineering. If you would like to view the minutes from the meeting, click here.

Members of the committee:
James Watson SVP for Bank of America
Eric Munoz Union Worker
Sumit Brahmbhatt President of Brahmbhatt Architecture
Jaime Estrada Sr. Caldrons for Electrical
Karl Aragundi Coordinator of CTE Program
Cliff Eng Retired Assistant Director of IT for LA DWP

Questions and Answers from the Meeting
1. For those beginning in your field, what kind of education or training is required?
(Mr. Eng) (IT) Needs degree, some sort of degree does not have to be in computer science degree. Gain experience, internships, helping people with old/ new computers. James, never stop learning, experience is the most important part, use class wisely to help apply for job, Need typing skills, and communication know how (email, PowerPoint)
2. What is the best suggestion you would give a student who would like to enter your field or industry?
James (information security) Protecting information
Eng (the loss of business knowledge) Knowledge of legacy programs, old systems to incorporate newer systems. Limited people with old knowledge of programs.
Sumit: Adaptability to be able to learn new skills
3. How can we, as students, better prepare to transition to the workplace?
Sumit: recommend to give student the opportunities to visit different engineering companies and college workshops.
4. What work ethics do you believe educators should be emphasizing with students?
5. What is the most critical issue facing your organization and/or industry today?
Eng: The loss of business knowledge. Today companies are expecting their hires to know the software and be updated with the latest software.
Watson: Security is very important. Protecting information.
Munoz: Says he is asked more personal questions although they care for the knowledge of the trade they care for their work ethic and their safe mentality.
6. How many entry-level positions will your industry require within the next 2 years?
Sumit: Experience with software.
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