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Advisory Committee: 2011

The Manufacturing Technology - Annual Advisory Committee Meeting took place on Wednesday, February, 12 2015 in the Los Altos Academy of Engineering. If you would like to view the minutes from the meeting, click here.

Members of the committee:
Ed Richter Instructor
Richard Cheng Engineer for Millennium Space
Derek Mayeda Mechanical Engin for Stir Works
Cliff Eng Assistant Director of IT for LA DWP
Nikki Kodama Manager Systems Engineer
Victor Gomez ROP
Jaime Estrada Transportation Enginner for CalTrans
Scott Loh Mechanical Engineer for SpaceX
James Watson SVP for Bank of America

Victor Gomez: R.O.P. is a joint power of region which is a partnership between the three districts to fund courses such as engineering. R.O.P. works with districts to create courses as well as funding these classes such as graphics art, medical science, and others. One of the information R.O.P. provides is information on the industries.
R.O.P. wants information from industries to keep up to date on these career fields.

Overview of competitions and events
-A.Japanese-American Optimist Essay Contest
i. A few LAAE students participated in the local level of this competition to help them improve their writing skills

-B. First Tech Challenge
i. “Cascade Effect”- Competition on January 19, 2015
ii. Helps students learn programming languages used in the real world

-C. Mini Urban Challenge
i. Competition on March 7, 2015
ii. Updated the rules, single-elimination tournament in which two robots go head to head and try to navigate through a miniature city at the same time
iii. Two teams- veterans and beginners

i. Students are currently working on HICE to make it a functioning vehicle
ii. Knowledge wasn’t passed on to further generations
iii. Putting emphasis on HICE again
Manufacturing Technology
Annual Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2015 Los Altos High School

-E. Oregon Electrathon
i. Held at the Portland International Raceway from May 23-24, 2015
ii. Road Course, meaning right and left turns with some inclines
iii. Race is more complex than the previous Electrathons we participated in

-F. Project Speed Racer
i. Electric vehicle built in 1993, restored two years ago to give the electrical team more experience in working with electric vehicles
ii. Fixed the gear ratio and added a free wheel
iii. Plan to race this vehicle in Oregon

-G. Project Volt
i. Electric kit vehicle bought in the 2013-2014 school year
ii. Wanted to change the steering to rack and pinion, but the way it was mounted was not safe or comfortable so it was changed back to dual lever
iii. Plan to race this vehicle in Oregon

-H. Composites
i. Make car molds
ii. Working with Plexiglass
iii. Attending Cerritos College to learn more

-I. Design
i. Working wind tunnel
ii. Car Molds

-J. Information Technology
i. Handles Website
ii. Setting up a network

-K. Public Relations
i. “LA Fund Racing” fundraiser
ii. Social Media
iii. Adopt-an-Engineer
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