Los Altos Academy of Engineering

Advisory Committee: 2012

The Manufacturing Technology - Annual Advisory Committee Meeting took place on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 in the Los Altos Academy of Engineering. If you would like to view the minutes from the meeting, click here.

Members of the committee:
Bob Ringle
Arielle Barnes
Sunbelt Controls
Ivan Zelada
Southern Gas Company
Ruben Seawright
Think Computers
Tom Knipe
Southern California Edison
James Watson
Bank of America
Richard Cheng
Millennium Space Systems
Mitchell Kodama
Retired (engineer)
Marty Mewborne
David Kerkhoff
La Puente Valley R.O.P.
Robert Pfeffer
Glad Rags Ink
Aashishi Dalal
Southern California Edison

Current Projects and Updates
A. Mini-Urban Challenge
i. Won 2nd in Regionals, advanced to Nationals
ii. Travelled to Washington DC to compete
B. Project Pulse
i. Chassis built, vehicle driven
ii. Race in Florida
iii. Plan to wire and later make the composite body.
C. First Tech Challenge
i. Competition on December 10, 2011
ii. Helps students learn programming languages used all over the world
iii. Academy will participate in Southern California Regional
D. Conrad
i. 2010 team did not place
ii. 2011 Categories
1. Clean Energy
2. Cyber Security
3. Aerospace Exploration
E. Japanese-American Optimist Challenge

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