Los Altos Academy of Engineering

Advisory Committee: 2011

The Manufacturing Technology - Annual Advisory Committee Meeting took place on Thursday October 25, 2012 in the Los Altos Academy of Engineering. If you would like to view the minutes from the meeting, click here.

Members of the committee:
Ed Richter Instructor
Richard Cheng Engineer for Millennium Space
James Watson SVP for Bank of America
Ruben Seawright Computers and Security
Robert Pfeffer System Engineer
David Kerkoff La Puente Valley R.O.P. Manager
Bob Ringle La Puente Valley R.O.P.
Mitch Kodama La Puente Valley R.O.P.
Arielle Barnes Professional Engineer
Marty Mewborne Miyachi Unitek
Aashish Dalal Southern California Edison
Tom Knipe Southern California Edison
Ivan Zelada SC Gas Company

R.O.P. wants information from industries to keep up to date on these career fields.

Safety Suggestions made from the Members

James Watson: Suggests that there should be a screen around the Bridgeport

Aashish Dalal: Includes procedure as to why the Bridgeport is unplugged, places warning sign

David Kerkoff: Suggests that the program give a proper name to mechanical equipment, particularly CNC

Marty Mewbourne: Always host safety meetings.

Robert Pfeffer:
Always require the driver to wear gloves.

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