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Advisory Committee: 2009
The Manufacturing Technology - Annual Advisory Committee Meeting took place on Thursday, November 18, 2010 in the Los Altos Academy of Engineering. If you would like to view the minutes from the meeting, click here.
Members of the committee:
Tom Knipe
Southern California Edison
Mitch Kodama
Retired (engineer)
Laurie Marshall
Haddick's Towing & Auto Body Inc.
Aashish Dalal
Southern California Edison
Richard Cheng
Millennium Space Systems
James Watson
Bank of America
Derek Meyada
AC Propulsion
Ruben Seawright

Year's Projects and Updates

a. HICE:
i. Vehicle ran for the first time on April 17, 2010.
ii. Project was a work in progress.
iii. Ongoing project.

b. Solar Cup:
Plan to attend Solar Cup 2011.
ii. Team Advisor: Ed Richter.
iii. Disqualified next year.

c. DARPA Urban Challenge:
Ongoing project with no race.
Students are still building and working on the test vehicle.
              1. Software currently being written.
 2. Alumni helping students:
Will Zheng, Richard Cheng, and Mark Aguilar.

d. Pete Conrad Challenge:
2010 team did not place.
2011 catagories
- Clean Energy
- Cyber Security
- Aerospace Exploration

e. Bridge Competition:
Personal project for freshmen and incoming students.
Students must build a bridge to withstand excessive amounts of weight.
1. They can only use Elmer's Glue and popsicle sticks.
Two competitions.
- Winter Competition
- Spring Competition

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