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Volt running for Emerald Coast Electrathon 2014

24 Volt System: This system was chosen because Volt's batteries are 24 volts. The 24 volt batteries are very efficient, under the weight limit, and the correct size for the vehicle. (Paul)

Powersonic Batteries: The batteries that Volt uses are manufactured by Powersonic. The batteries were originally Speed Racer's, but were tranferred to Volt due to the perfect match. (Paul)

Scott Motor: The motor of choice for this vehicle is the Hot Scott motor. It has 1.6 horsepower and uses direct current. The model is 4BC2770, it weighs 40 pounds and and has a maximum speed of 2800 RPM. (Kevin W)

Disk Brakes: The rim of the wheel was broken off and the disc brake rotor is bend/loosen(mallualbe). Broke on the right side of the driver. switch brakes on both side of vehicles to be symetrical. similar to speed racer

For easy access to the driver, Volt uses a lever controlled brake. Volt uses disk brakes instead of drum brakes because drum brakes are not supposed to be used to stop vehicles.

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