Los Altos Academy of Engineering

First Tech Challenge 2015-2016

Overview: This year we sent a group of engineers to compete in FIRST STRONGHOLD located at Valencia High School in Placentia.

Goals: We wanted to be the best rookie team competing in the competition while striving to achieve a relatively high scoring.

Plan: The team built a robot that performed a specific function that would allow the team to score points consistently.

Results: After several weeks into building, the team was not able to build a robot to complete all of the objectives required to score points in the competition. Instead, the team decided to build a "support" robot capable of breaching the defenses and hand balls over to alliance members. At the competition, the team was able to do fairly well, managing to be a consistent "support" robot. The robot passed through the lowbar efficiently and challenged the tower several times. At the end of the competition, the team placed 28th out of 42 teams.

Competition Pictures:

Competition Alliance Battle 1
Competition Alliance Battle 2
Red Alliance
Arena Tower
Challenging Arena Tower
Competition Break Performance
Robot Close Up 1
Robot Close Up 2
Team Discussion
Robot Edits
Interview w/ Judges
LAHS Shield Icon
Scoreboard 1
Scoreboard 2
Pit Area
Program Editing
Loading Robot on Field
Attempting to Score Boulders
Driver's Area
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