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What is Solar Cup?

Sponsored by The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, as well as their member agencies, Solar Cup is an education program in which teams from various high schools are educated on water conservation along with renewable energy. In this competition, they are required to build and race a solar powered boat within the duration of seven months. Furthermore, the teams are to research and complete technical reports concerning the task, and create a water-related public service announcement. The boat races take place at Lake Skinner, Temecula in the month of May.

(Left to Right) Gabriel Estrada, Cesar Sanchez, Issac Santana, Tiffany Liao, Isaac Treguboff, Alex Wong,
 Ryan Lau.


"Solar Cup 2018 Recapber. The competition was filled with thrilling moments that we will take to next year’s competition. When first arriving, we saw the fellow participants and their boats. Many were just as excited as us to show off the boat that they had been working on throughout the year. We went down to the dock to take our boat out of the trailer, and there is where we saw where we were going to race our boat the very next day. We set up everything we needed and got prepared for the sleepless night because of all the excitement in the air.

The Second day of competition, we woke up prepared to get started qualifying. It took us a bit of time based on the fact that we continued to have technical difficulties with our boat. Towards the final hour of qualifying we figured out our problem and ran straight to check in to get our boat inspected. The next two days was when the competition became fierce. It was time for the first race, endurance. We had discharged our batteries numerous times before so we could be fully prepared for the full ninety minutes ahead. Before we knew it time passed us by and time was almost up. But out of nowhere we ran straight into a problem with the boat, our shaft had disconnected from its mount meaning we weren’t able to get our boat to move. They pulled us out of the water and we fixed the problem right away. We were able to get back on the water for a little bit of time and the race ended.



Our final race was sprint, which did not have any trouble whatsoever, and it went a success. In total this competition was one for the books and will definitely help us in Solar Cup 2019."



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